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Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc. understands what is required to extend the usefulness of water and to control unwanted reactions in water systems. This has allowed Premier to become recognized as a water treatment industry leader in the United States. We know that there is no magic in solving your water-related issues. Premier’s approach involves utilization of the right products and diligent monitoring of your specific application to produce the results you expect.

Boiler, Cooling & Process Water Treatment


The Premier approach to Water Management begins with a thorough understanding of how water, as well as other resources, are used in your facility. From inlet to outlet, knowing where water is going and what it will be asked to do is critical to protecting systems from scale, corrosion, and microbiological fouling. Equally important is having a complete understanding of the water’s characteristics and chemistry. Only then can you begin to select treatment options that will produce the desired outcomes.


During this process, it is critical to understand how water treatment outcomes play into the overall plant operations. While generally one of the smallest expenditures from a facility maintenance budget, water treatment can significantly impact the overall utility budget.

High Cycle Cooling Water


With water and sewer costs constantly on the rise, Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc. has developed several methods that allow for condenser water systems to be operated at higher cycles. The resulting monetary savings are considerable and significant quantities of water can be saved, making these initiatives financially and ecologically attractive.

Resource Utilization


Since 1973, Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc. has been at the forefront of water and energy technology. By providing integrated solutions to water treatment challenges, we have been recognized for our leadership in resource utilization. By combining traditional water treatment products, experienced water treatment consultants and state-of-the-art treatment innovations, we provide functional solutions to any water treatment challenge.


Always concerned with promoting “green” technology, Premier continues to emphasize reducing carbon footprint while bringing bottom line dollars back to our customers by generating operational cost savings. Some of these savings emerge from water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, condensate recovery, automation, and water recycle initiatives.

Water Softeners


The purpose of a water softener is to remove calcium and magnesium minerals from water. This alone can extend the usefulness of water by reducing the potential for scale formation and thereby maintaining system efficiency.


It also allows a system to run at higher cycles of concentration leading to reduced blowdown. For facilities on city water that discharge to city sewer, a water softener can significantly reduce operating costs.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)


Reverse osmosis is a technology designed to remove impurities from water. Water passes through membranes that “capture” impurities such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfate, and chloride. These impurities are rejected from the RO in a highly concentrated form leaving very pure water that can be used for boiler feedwater.


This high-quality feedwater allows the boiler to operate with significantly less blowdown thus saving fuel, treatment, and water. Reverse osmosis is also a very effective technology in cooling tower blowdown recovery systems. In fact, Premier is pioneering the development of the equipment necessary to make these systems a reality.

Condensate Recovery


The Premier Condensate Recovery System is designed to collect and reuse water that normally goes to drain from air handlers. The system employs an accumulation tank, pump, level control, meter, and check valve. As condensate accumulates, the level control activates the pump, and the condensate is pumped back into a facility water system.


By reusing this water, there is obvious savings in water costs, reduced carbon footprint, and the impact of high-quality water being used in a system. These benefits correspond to the increase in cycles of concentration that can be realized.

Contact us to speak with our professionals about your water treatment needs.  We offer treatments for clients throughout the Southeastern U.S.