charity: water – Bangladesh, Project 3
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charity: water – Bangladesh, Project 3

charity: water – Bangladesh, Project 3

Bangledesh Latrines ProjectOur third project we funded for charity: water was completed in Bangladesh in September of 2017. Premier funded a water project that provided a water point and sanitation facilities at the Maheshwaripur Najd Kantaram Memorial United Academy. The 235 students and teachers will now have access to clean and safe drinking water.

In our completion letter, the CEO of charity: water, Scott Harrison, told us a story from his experience in Bangladesh. He wrote, “In Bangladesh, No. 57 Government Primary School didn’t have a bathroom. A student named Khadija used a neighbor’s toilet who lived close to school. However, boys in the neighborhood would follow her and yell at her. One day a crew of kids crushed stones on top of Khadija’s head. The teasing was mostly about being poor. “You have to go someplace else to get water – to beg for water!” “I’d feel really bad coming to school,” Khadija said. “I’d tell my parents that the boys are bullies, and I shouldn’t have to go to school.” However, now, she and more than 300 students at her school have separate latrines for boys and girls. The students and teachers received training in handwashing, personal hygiene, disease prevention, and menstrual hygiene. All of this has helped drive down waterborne illness by 15%. The kids are healthier, and more kids show up for school each day, too!”

You can click here to learn more about this project and enter GPS coordinates 22.44309, 89.36301.

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