Next Generation Technologies
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Next Generation Technologies


While always anchored in the traditions of robust, customer-facing, hands-on service, Premier is at the forefront of innovative treatment chemistries and technologies. Our fourth-generation family of polymers provides unprecedented deposit control in even the most stressed conditions. At the same time, our team of engineers, chemists, and biologists can deploy emerging treatment strategies including condensate recovery, high-cycle cooling programs, and cooling water blowdown recovery.


Polymer Boiler Treatment


Superior in performance to traditional precipitating or solubilizing treatment strategies, Polymer-based Boiler Treatments are rapidly becoming a product of choice. Advances in high pressure, high temperature product stability allows for unprecedented scale and deposit prevention on internal surfaces. Our products are designed to be tolerant of feed-water quality inconsistencies making them applicable across a wide range of boiler applications. Premier continues to pioneer the application of these polymer treatment strategies for our clients.

Reuse Water


Municipalities are continuing to expand their offering of reuse water for industrial applications. This water frequently finds a home as make up for evaporative cooling water systems. While inexpensive, reuse water creates treatment challenges due to microbiological loading and chemistry variances. Premier has been at the forefront of treatment strategies that allow the effective use of these waters. By employing advanced polymer technologies along with acute attention to nutrient loading we can design treatment programs that protect system equipment while saving reducing water cost.

Polyamine Treatment Technology


As part of our commitment to a broad range of treatment alternatives, Premier offers a range of Polyamine treatments. These products are multifunctional, volatile, organic corrosion inhibitors. Frequently used in boiler applications these products provide corrosion protection in the feed-water, boiler and condensate systems using a single feed point. Polyamines form a monomolecular protective film on metal surfaces throughout a system.

High Cycle, High Stressed Cooling Water Treatment


As cooling water polymer technology has advanced, copolymers and terpolymers have been developed that are increasingly tolerant of higher calcium, pH, silica and phosphate levels. By strategically combining these polymers, Premier is able to offer cooling water products that allow for system operation at unprecedented cycles of concentration and scaling indices levels. These products have proven to be incredibly robust and offer excellent halogen and thermal stability. (pic is graph of 2200 pds, change 2200 to high cycle treatment.

Condensate Recovery


The Premier Condensate Recovery System is designed to collect and reuse water that normally goes to drain from the air handlers. By reusing this water there is the obvious savings in water and sewer charges but there is also the impact of high-quality water being used in the condenser water system and the corresponding increase in cycles of concentration that can be realized.

Cooling Water Blowdown Recovery


Premier has developed a way to combine a number of traditional filtration strategies that allow cooling tower blowdown to be captured, filtered and recycled as make up. In many cases more than half of the blowdown from a system can be reclaimed. This innovative, green technology produces significant water and sewer savings and can result in treatment cost reductions.