Partnering with Pure Water for the World
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Partnering with Pure Water for the World

Partnering with Pure Water for the World

Student hygiene trainingPremier Water has partnered with Pure Water for the World (PPW) for an exciting water project in El Tablazo, Honduras. El Tablazo is a small community located in the Trojes region of Honduras. There are 23 families, with 108 residents in total. This community is located about an hour from the Coco River (previously called the Segovia River), which divides Honduras from Nicaragua. The river is mostly used to transport commercial goods from La Mosquitía, Honduras to Nicaragua, but is also used for recreation during the summer.

In this region, water quality is a major concern. Results from the water quality test, conducted in November 2019, demonstrated extremely high levels of e-coli (170 counts) and have high levels of turbidity, especially during the rainy season. 34% of the families practice open defecation and the conditions of water and sanitation at the local school of Francisco Morazán are deplorable, with 13 children and one teacher having to practice open defecation, with no place to wash their hands and no place for girls to manage menstruation.

With Premier Water’s sponsorship of El Tablazo, all 23 homes and the community school will gain sustainable access to clean water and sanitation. Families will receive BioSand Water Filters and learn to safely use this water for drinking, bathing, washing, and cleaning. The eight families that do not have a safe and reliable latrine, will learn how to build a latrine, receiving detailed instruction, materials and follow-up from PWW to support the proper construction and use of their home latrine.

Hygiene education will be provided to all members of the community, including:

  • Environmental hygiene, which includes water source protection practices;
  • Home hygiene;
  • Personal hygiene;
  • Menstrual hygiene management.

Community members will select Community Agents, leaders from the community who volunteer to serve as an extension of the PWW team. They receive additional training about the water filters, including how to install them correctly and how to maintain them. Community Agents are assigned three homes to support and monitor. They visit these homes to ensure families are using their tools and hygiene practices correctly and effectively.

Premier is excited to see the completion of this water project and to help give the community of El Tablazo a safer and cleaner place to live and go to school.

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