Premier Expo 2019
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Premier Expo 2019

Premier Expo 2019

In October, Premier hosted a technical expo in Jacksonville, Florida. We featured new technologies and highlighted technical services we provide.

  • Premier Expo 2019 Event PhotoAquafilm V – An all-in-one solution that forms an ultra-thin protective molecular film barrier between metal surfaces and water to prevent corrosion and scaling as well as control pH levels whilst removing existing deposits.
  • Moss – A green treatment alternative used to inhibit scale, decrease corrosion, and remove microbiological contaminants.
  • InSight – SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions real-time data acquisition software.
  • Premier 20/20 – Premier’s point-of-use delivery, feed, and control equipment system.
  • Water Management Plans – As part of your water safety team, Premier can be a valuable resource for waterborne pathogen testing, disinfections, and secondary disinfections.
  • Sustainable Oxidant Technology – An exciting alternative to cooling tower water treatment.

If you weren’t able to attend and would like to learn more about any of these technologies, please contact your Water Treatment Consultant.

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