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ProMoss ™

What is ProMoss ™?

  • Species of Sphagnum Moss with unique characteristics that provide an innovative approach to Cooling Water Treatment
  • Green, Sustainable, Renewable
  • Leaves are harvested, dried, and compressed into blocks, then bagged and sterilized.

ProMoss ™

Water Treatment

  • Decreases water use (increases the cycles of concentration in cooling towers)
  • Reduces chemical use and disposal
  • Improves water quality, clarity, stability
  • Can reduce heavy metal ions
  • Improves the efficiency of heat transfer by removing organic contamination and scale resulting in energy savings
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning on surfaces in contact with ProMoss ™ treated water
  • Satisfies demand for sustainable facility management practices

ProMoss ™ Products

Closed Loops

Advantages of ProMoss ™

  • Naturally softens water by removing the positively charged ions like calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc
  • Stabilizes water pH
  • Removes treated water touches organic contamination from all surfaces the ProMoss ™ treated water touches
  • Inhibits and removes scale the ProMoss ™
  • Decreases corrosion on surfaces

Cooling Towers

ProMoss ™ allows and provides for:

  • Removal of Dispersants
  • Stabilizes water pH
  • Removal of Anti-Corrosion Additives
  • Increase in Cycles of Concentration
  • Less Cleaning/Service of Scale in Cooling Tower
  • Reduced Scale and Corrosion in Chillers
  • Improved Efficiency

ProMoss ™ in Use

ProMoss ™ Cooling Towers