Water Treatment
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Water Treatment Applications

By employing unrivaled technical resources with innovative, state of the art treatment products, Premier Water & Energy Technology Inc. is able to provide value driven, strategic solutions for nearly any water system challenge.

Cooling Water

10 Commandments of Cooling Water Treatment

Corrosion Coupons Technical Data

Microbiological Control

Boiler Water

10 Commandments of Boiler Water Treatment 

Boiler Lay-up Procedure

Water Treatment Equipment

 10 Commandments of Water Softeners

Control Equipment and Accessories

Water Softener Performance Optimization

Technical Information

 10 Commandments of Testing

Myths, Misconceptions, Misrepresentations

 The Cost of Improper Water Treatment

 Alternative Technology Evaluation

Premier Testing and Monitoring Program

Water Management Programs

Disinfection Strategies

 Legionella Testing and Sampling

Water Management Programs CDC and CMS Guidelines