El Tablazo – Project Complete!
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El Tablazo – Project Complete!

El Tablazo – Project Complete!

Happy Family with New Water SystemIn December 2019, Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc. began working with Pure Water for the World (PWW) to help a community in Honduras called El Tablazo. This community did not have access to safe drinking water and children had to go out into the open to use the restroom at home and at school. Representatives from PWW trained the community on personal hygiene and its importance to the wellness of the community.

PWW also worked with people of El Tablazo to facilitate the building and installation of wash stations in the community and at the school as well as the installation of biosand filters at each family’s house. They also needed to make their own adobe bricks for the wash stations and have been training on how to maintain their biosand filters.

After a slight delay due to COVID-19 and an extremely heavy rainy season, this project is now complete! Premier Water is grateful that we were able to provide safe drinking water to this community. Please click here to read more about El Tablazo and to see more of the completed project.

Génesis, says “Thank you, Premier. The filter really works!”

Maria, says “Thank you, Premier and Pure Water for the World for this gift. Now we can drink clean water and will no longer get sick. Thank you.”

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